CyclingTips - Playing Cards

Cycling news and media outlet Cyclingtips created and run one of Australia’s most popular organized annual rides, The Giro Della Donna in the mountainous region surrounding Warburton, Vic. The ride has a very large participation record and is a great opportunity for Cyclingtips (CT) to interact with and reward their audience. In years past the crew at Cyclingtips have rewarded riders with small gifts (keyrings, tokens etc.) upon completion of the ride. This year CT decided to step up the quality of the hand outs and approach me to design a memorable solution. The deck of cards has a place within cycling culture, many can relate to putting a playing card in the spokes of one of their first bikes to let everyone know when they were coming. I had previously developed the VeloClub Avatar creator for CT and used the character visuals created to build a series of characters that the cycling audience would find relatable and enjoy.
The first task was to identify the subject matter and characters to use. I conducted a small research investigation with the staff at Cyclingtips and some of the most active Veloclub users to determine which famous cyclists we would use as characters for the different card suits. After contacting a printing manufacturer overseas I developed a custom die-line for our card deck that would feature 52 cards and an extra (No.13) card which would be handed to riders at the start of the event and redeemed to collect their full deck of cards.

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