Flanders - Branding

Flanders Cycles Australia are a bike manufacturer and distributor based in Melbourne Australia. As the name would suggest the company originated in Belgium and is influenced by the tough and rich cycling heritage that the Belgians are know for. Flanders approached me with concerns that their brand was lacking visual flair and that the heritage and quality was being lost in the current aesthetic. Their brief stated that they wanted a re-brand that would bring the companies visual flare to the modern day whilst also paying homage to the history and reliability of the product.


The re-brand would involve; a new Logo-Mark consisting of a custom typeface inspired by fan signs and retro cycling brands. An important factor to the lettering was that it would be legible on the sloping downtube of a bike frame, to do this it needed to be effective as a straight logo or italicized. The colour palette was chosen to mimic the dull greys of the Belgian architecture and the boldest of changes to the brand was to make off with the rich cyan colour that is so prevalent in Belgian branding and replace it with a more modern Mint colour (Pantone 326) A slick and modern website to display the frames, builds and teams that Flanders sponsor, Photographic content of bikes and parts and large amount of social media content and guidance.