Flanders Cross Bike - Custom Bike Design

After developing a relationship with Australian bike manufacturer Flanders Cycles I met with owner Paul Reddenbach to discuss a collaborative effort between my Apparel and Design brand, Kern Cycling and his company Flanders. Paul outlined that his business had a strong footing in the Cyclocross scene with many current champions riding his machines but had come to realize that his brand needed a boost on the social media front and could really benefit from a collaboration with an exciting and current brand like Kern. I briefed Paul on a strategy I believed could work to bring more awareness to his product and a new audience and customer base.
We would execute these goals by designing a one off Cyclocross bike, sparing no expense to paint, design and component costs. Following we would build some beautiful content to promote through both of social media channels. My role involved the design the new paint scheme, colour and paint sourcing, printing and application of custom decals, directing photography, post production, to build hype on social media and ultimately deliver the finial content to a new audience. The campaign was an great success as Paul experienced a Viral level of attention to the bike on Instagram, new followers to his page and a solid increase to brand awareness and sales for that season.