Kern - Branding, Kit Design

The K2: Gradient is the second design put into production for Kern cycling. With such an overwhelming response from the first skinuit I felt that it was important to take the product to the next level both where quality is concerned but with design, concept and content produced. As I hadn’t offered a female skinsuit option it was important for me to provide a women’s design this time around. I did a lot of market research and spoke to many amateur, competitive and professional women cyclists about what they look for in cycling kit. What I found is that the majority of female cycling athletes didn’t want a unisex product or design, they were after something that is made and designed specifically for women.
The design of the K2 is about transitions and juxtaposing visuals. I chose to represent male and female through gradient colour shifts in the pattern eg. The male kit has a majority green lower half whereas the females has a majority pink. Although these are polarizing gender colours the audience that I questioned all mentioned that they liked wearing pink. When it came time to shoot the advertising video I was able to get very conceptual. My goal was less to explain my ideas but more to attract attention and get people asking why? The shoot features a male and female rider in what seems to be some sort of race through an industrial wasteland, I use smoke to represent the colour shift and gradients and to imply a type of metamorphosis. The video and photoshoot were well received and the product sold out in only a few days.