Veloclub - Branding

VeloClub is a members access only area on the Cyclingtips website. Cyclingtips approached me to brand Veloclub and deliver a number of diferent outcomes for that brand. A major goal of the brief was to create a level of exclusivity for paid members and to a desirability or lure for those not already signed up. One of the deliverables we decided on was to allow new members to build a personal avater to represent their precence within Veloclub. Within the cycling community the audience is very social media driven so we could see the avatars being used across platforms and would help to create that exclusivity and appeal.
First step was to develop the basic look and feel of the avatar. I decided that I would create a flat geometric character with some long shadows in both a male and female form. I could then build a series of accessories to customise the characters with. Cycling fashion is very much about owning the newest and coolest tech apparel. I set out by selecting the most popular items currently on the market with the plan that as products are released we can update or even offer advertising opportunities to apparel companies. The Avatar creator interface was developed to be as easily navigationally as possible were the user could navigate a large number of items and colours without getting lost or confused by the interface. Typefaces and buttons are styled to be responsive and effective across platforms.